The Seducer – Viking Warriors Book #5

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Elaina’s step-uncle, Eógan, has murdered her father and usurped his crown. Desperate to save herself and her younger sisters, Elaina, the concubine’s daughter, takes the girls and vanishes from the world. But when she’d discovered by the tall, brash Viking known as the Seducer, he’s determined to make the unwilling woman his own. Even if it involves blackmail: Elaina’s hand for his silence.

Angry at being discovered and desperate to protect her sisters, Elaina agrees to marry Jarvik after he threatens to reveal her identity. She bids him to make haste and slake his lust, but Jarvik will accept naught but Elaina’s full passion. Their joining is explosive and magical, but how can Elaina trust a man called the Seducer? And even if he proves as good as his word, will the political maneuvering of rival kings force Jarvik to relinquish his new wife to the very man who wants her dead?


Format: eBook Price: $4.99
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Release Date: November, 2011
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance
Number of Pages: 161
Publisher: Etopia Press
Language: English
ISBN eBook: 978-1-93675-180-8
Cover Artist: Mina Carter
Updated: 11.04.2011

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