Happy Birthday Mom!



Today is my mother’s 81st birthday. Wow!

My Mom’s incredible— she’s completely healthy, until recently walked a mile a day on the treadmill, and traveled the world by herself. She takes no drugs—nada. She’s petite and in fantastic shape with the exception of one worn knee. She’s more than active—my mother’s hyperactive, and it hurts like dickens for her to simply walk anymore. So, tomorrow, my mom goes in for knee replacement surgery. Mom’s never had surgery, and she’s petrified.

Therefore, today is all about distraction. I took the day off. We’re having mani/pedis  first. Then we’re doing the face and massage stuff. Next is a champagne lunch (all approved by the surgeon), and then tonight her grandsons come over for a surf and turf dinner.

After dinner, we’re watching old James Bond movies until we’re literally falling asleep on ourselves. ‘Course I’m nervous too. I lost my dad 24 years ago and I definitely want my mom around for a long as she’s happy to be alive.

If all goes well, we’re going to go to Iceland together next year. Another mother-daughter trip reminiscent of our first in 2008, which was a 28-day road trip through Monaco, France, Spain, and London. Making memories to treasure.

Happy Birthday Mom!




Happy Birthday to My One and Only!

abstract-party-1Today is the dh’s sixtieth birthday.


Bart eyes onlyI can still remember the first time our eyes met across the bar on our college campus, The Keg. My hubby has the twinkliest blue eyes in the world. He’d spent the summer working in construction, and was tanned a glorious nut brown, and his blonde hair was almost shoulder length (a real hippy back then) and bleached to a remarkable sunlight hue. Broad shoulders, and an ass so grabable that I literally salivated. Heck, I fell hard and fast. He was and still is the one – my one and only.

Without a doubt, I can say we’ve both had an incredible ride. Life has been good to us. We have three amazing sons who we not only love, but like. Our boys turned into wonderful men, and we’re both so proud of them. This year we’ll celebrate our thirty-sixth anniversary, and you know what? There’s no other person whose company I’d rather keep. We’re friends, lovers, and mates. I couldn’t ask for more.

So Happy Birthday my Viking!

All my love always,




December and January Birthdays!

confetti 3People who were born in December and January have a rotten time of it. For some reason, relatives and friends feel it’s okay to do a twofer – one present for both occasions. AND to top it off, they generally forget to even send good wishes on the day because  of the out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality. You know, they gave the present before Christmas and can wash their hands of any further responsibility.

My wayward son and my husband are late December and January respectively, and I’ve been a firm defender of two SEPARATE celebrations. Woe betide anyone who dared gang up on the two events, the wrath of Jianne was unleashed. The poor wayward one was as sick as the proverbial dog on his special day, but we were in Trinidad, and surrounded by family for the first time in seven years. He said that was an incredible present enough for him.

As for the dh, he’s celebrating a zero birthday – the kind that ends in zero. Funny, those used to be fun and we looked forward to them. Now, we cringe. However, we decided the event must be marked with good food and wine, therefore I am in the midst of a flurry of activity. My presence online and elsewhere will be haphazard for the next 10 days. I’ll try to stay current with comments on the blog and FB, but that’s about it.

I expect to be pleasantly buzzed once the visitors start arriving mid-week. The house will be full and the overflow housed at the inn down the road. We’ll be playing with the dh’s new toy, The Big Green Egg, and cooking for the hordes every night. So, from me to you – Have a great week!