Valentine’s Gifts For My Readers!

heart double pinkisIt’s wonderful to begin the most romantic day of the year with gifts for some of my readers. I asked the Viking to pick three random numbers from the list of my newsletter database. Congrats to the following who won their secret decadent desire:

Tina Rucci – Chocolates

Karen Gilliam – Cherry Jelly Bellies

Lauren Seiberling – Cheese Pretzels

Karen Blue – Twizzlers


Tina, Lauren, and Karen, please email me at to let me know your addresses. If you’re international, we’ll work something out. (Shipping costs are prohibitive L)

For those who commented on my Love, Lust, and Laptop’s blog, the following have won:

Barbara – Notorious

Mary M. – Carnal

There were supposed to be three winners, but only Barbara and Mary M left their email addresses. If anyone cares to go back and fill in the information, I’ll pick the third winner.

Have a dreamy, sexy, Valentine’s day everyone!




  1. Wow! Sinner This is my first book by Jianne Carlo, now I’m a big fan. Today is Valentine’s Day, no date coz my husband is working. So I’m home taking care of my babies. I’m a hopelessly romantic so it was a perfect way to spend it reading a romance book. A very good read. I had so much fun. Will be following Ms. Jianne Carlo for now on. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Wow – what a wonderful comment to leave, Joy. I’m so happy that Sinner and Destiny kept you occupied nicely while your DH was away. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed their story. I hope you had a great V day with your babies!

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